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WHERE THE HEART IS: Williams Estates & Park Groves Area


2021 WTHI BASE MAP blankWe are so excited to work with Garland residents living within the boundaries of Garland Road, Miller Road, Shiloh Road and Forest Road. The housing development plats are called Williams Estates, Meadowlark Estates, Garland Park, Garland Groves and Crest Ridge Estates.

There are over 1,300 single family homes, 2 multifamily housing units, 3 churches and several businesses big and small in this part of Garland. This neighborhood was most severely hit by the tornado that blew thru DFW in October 2019. 

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Katharine Gulyamova
Neighborhood Vitality Coordinator


City Council considered the Las Brisas Small Area Plan at the February 6, 2023 Work Session of the City Council and it formally adopted the plan at the February 21, 2023 Regular Session of the City Council.

Public comment was available on both dates at the William E. Dollar Municipal Building. The purpose of the small area plan is to set the general direction for the future of 1002 Marion Drive as a green space with potential recreation amenities to be considered at a future date.  

Las Brisas Small Area Plan

Where the Heart Is

PRogram Overview

Where the Heart Is annually partners with one neighborhood to instigate overall neighborhood reinvestment. Residents work together with City staff, non-profits, businesses, religious groups and volunteers to stimulate positive physical and social change over the year. 

Resident engagement is pivotal to the success of this program. Collectively residents brainstorm ideas, connect resources, identify assets, help neighbors and work together to creatively solve problems and improve their own neighborhood.  

Simultaneously the City of Garland is reinvesting in the neighborhood in various ways for example improving streets, updating street lights, improving park access, educating residents and connecting residents to available resources to improve their homes. 

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