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Downloadable audiobooks, eBooks, magazines and streaming videos for Garland Library card holders

  • Listen to audiobooks 
  • Read eBook, PDF, Kindle and/or graphic novels
  • Read magazines
  • Audiobooks and eBooks can be used on a PC or Mac through the Libby app in a browser.
  • Libby app is available for iPhone, Google Play devices and Amazon Fire tablets.
  • Libby is also compatible with Apple CarPlay, androidauto, SONOS, amazonkindle, Google Home and Amazon Echo.

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Meet Libby
Libby Instructions (313 KB)
Libby app in a browser 

OverDrive Help & Support links:

OverDrive Help - Search for answers and/or watch how-to videos
Libby Help - Learn about Libby and how it works
Device Resource Center - A snapshot of how popular devices can be used with OverDrive
OverDrive status - A site for determining if OverDrive is experiencing performance issues

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OverDrive will be sunsetting the legacy OverDrive app. This will enable OverDrive and libraries to focus on Libby as the primary app for users to enjoy and engage with our digital library. 

How this initial change will impact users:

  • OverDrive app users can continue to use the app until it stops working for them.
  • New users looking for the OverDrive app will be directed to Libby. 
  • All users can continue to use, borrow, and open titles from your library’s OverDrive website via a browser. 

There will be no updates for the OverDrive app.  Once it stops working you will have to download and use Libby.

OverDrive Magazines  

Unlimited access to over 3,000 titles, including top titles like:

  • US Weekly
  • National Geographic
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Vanity Fair
  • Rolling Stone
  • Cook's Illustrated

Magazines - OverDrive website https://nmls.overdrive.com/library/magazines
Magazines - Libby App in a browser: https://libbyapp.com/library/nmls

Magazines can be checked out for 7 or 21 days and can be renewed.  Digital magazines have no wait lists or holds and do not count towards your 10 checkout limit.  

The magazines can best be accessed through the Libby app or Libby app in a browser. Readers can browse lists of magazines within the app and search to find available titles.

If you aren't able to use the Libby App on your device (such as a Kindle Fire), you can access the Libby app in any browser at https://libbyapp.com/library/nmls. This alternative has the same titles as Libby, but offers slightly different features and device compatibility.  The article view feature is only available in Libby.