SH 190 Campbell Road TIA

Development Opportunity

As a largely “Greenfield” opportunity, the intersection at Campbell Road offers the potential for a regionally-important office and employment “address” (e.g., build-to-suit corporate headquarters/campus) with an integrated mid- to higher-end residential component and support retail. This area could also attract other complimentary land uses to the office/ employment core. The City’s strategy for this Area is to encourage new development that does not compete with, but effectively leverages other existing assets within the SH 190 Corridor (e.g., Firewheel Town Center, Hyatt Firewheel).SH 190 and Campbell Road TIA

Key Assets

  • Appropriate zoning in place
  • “Greenfield” tracts for development
  • New/recent infrastructure (sewer line, roads)
  • Regional access and visibility

Population & Income

The SH190 and Campbell Road Trade Area profile suggests an established concentration of higher-income households, expected to grow at a steady, if modest rate over the next 10 years.

Market Potential 

Market potential within the SH190 and Campbell Road Targeted Investment Area suggests support for a regional employment center, with a diverse mix of residential, retail, office and employment land uses. Much of this development could occur over the near-term (1 to 4 years).


  • Commit to a long-term vision.
  • Consider land use and architectural design regulations to preserve flexibility while promoting the vision.
  • Ensure that new development complements rather than directly competes with the Firewheel Town Center area or Garland Special Events Center.
  • Prepare a detailed master plan coordinating the northern and southern portions of the SH 190/Campbell Road intersection.
  • Provide predevelopment assistance for potential catalyst projects that conform with Envision Garland and smaller area master plans.